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If you are in need for Diapers, then view the map of our Partners

                                            "THESE BABIES" need your HELP!          


             They are so much happier when their bottoms are dry.....





A really GREAT event is coming this May 22, 2016. It's being

done to help not only the Greater Hampton Roads Diaper Bank

 but diaper banks across the country.

This event will be duplicated in 29 other cities.  You can join in

many ways to help make this event a really great success.

to help make this event truly

To see how you can help click on the above icon.








The Diaper Bank receives requests for 100,000+ diapers a month. With the economy as it is today, that number will grow even larger. This past year the Diaper Bank distributed around 28,000 per month. We just ask all Mom’s and Dad’s to think how they would have felt if they couldn’t afford diapers for their babies. I pray that this appeal touches your heart and you will step forward and donate $15.00 - $25.00 a month for a year.  This donation is Tax Deductable.

       If you have questions or you have diapers 

that you would like to donate

Call Cher at: 757-472-8934

Email Cher at: cher@ghrdiaperbank.org

What Is Diaper Need?

The lack of a sufficient supply of diapers to keep a baby clean, dry and healthy.

Fast Facts

Negative Consequences

   Put your money where your heart is leading you.

If you find it in your heart to help those "In Need" we would like for you to consider making a monthly pledge. The donation is tax deductible. You can make a "monthly" pledge using Paypal or by clicking on the following link and fill out a :Pledge" card.  






If you prefer you can mail a donation directly
to Cheryl at:
Greater Hamption Roads Diaper Bank
c/o Cheryl Leadbeater
  1208 Nathaniel Court
Virginia Beach, VA 23454

The following is a poem written by Cher


She awoke this morning

Her hope no longer there

Her days were filled with hunger

She felt no one would care


Her children had no clothing

One diaper for the day

The baby’s rash was blistered

And she had no place to stay


But because of you

And donations that you gave

Her Heart was filled with love

And her Faith you helped to save


She received some diapers

and clothing to stay warm

A place to eat and sleep

And keep them safe from harm


She went to bed that night

Thanking God for You

For you were the angels

That helped to guide her through


©2012 yekarah

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